5 CBD Fun Facts for You and Your Pet to Know

Currently, only 14% of Americans say that they have used CBD products, but that is only because many people do not know all of the awesome benefits that this natural product can do.

One thing that many people don’t know is that CBD products actually have many benefits for you and your pets too! 

The best thing about using a CBD product is that it is all-natural so you won’t have any of those pesky side effects like over the counter medications can produce. 

So if you’re interested in learning some CBD fun facts for you and your pet, then keep reading and we’ll give you some awesome information so you can start using CBD products today!

1. CBD Is Safe for Humans and Pets Too

Even though it may sound a bit strange you and your pets can both use CBD products! There are a number of reasons why you or your pets would use CBD products but the best part is that it is natural and completely safe for you to both do so.  

If you’re looking for a new and natural treat that your dog will love, then this chicken-flavored CBD oil could be the best thing to give to your pet. 

Make sure that you start by giving your dog a small dosage and see how they react to it. Working your way up and seeing how they react will be the best way to figure out how much CBD oil your pet needs. 

One thing that you may be wondering is if CBD can get you high and the answer is no! CBD does not have any psychoactive properties so it is a natural product that your pet will be able to enjoy.

2. CBD Can Be Taken a Number of Ways

One interesting thing about CBD products is that there are so many different ways that you can use it depending on what you’re trying to target. For example, many people will rub a cream or salve on their skin especially to help target specific areas of their body. 

You can also take CBD oil in the form of a gummy or capsule just like how people take vitamins. Many people even use CBD in their skincare routine or within the makeup that they use every day. 

On the other hand, some people like to ingest CBD oil into their food. Many people will mix CBD oil into their morning coffee

There are even different ways for your pets to consume CBD products. You can check out a catnip CBD oil that you can give to your cats and dogs or even some treats that are infused with CBD.

3. CBD Can Be Made Into Tasty Treats

Since CBD products can be used in a number of ways they can also be made into a number of tasty treats for you and your pets! The best part is that you can buy them already in the form of a delicious edible. 

Gummy bears are an obvious go-to when it comes to edibles on the go but you can also get your CBD in a variety of CBD butters such as peanut butter, almond butter, and even cashew butter. 

Leaftonics offers tons of different delicious edibles and you can order them just by shooting us an email

Don’t forget the edibles made specifically for your pets. It’s obvious that there are dog and cat treats but these pet treats made with CBD sound delicious too! There are bacon dog biscuits and even sweet potato pie dog treats. 

There are plenty of awesome reasons why you should try CBD put if you need more convincing, then check out these 10 reasons why you should!

4. CBD and Beauty Products

Another thing that has become all the rage lately is beauty products that include CBD in them. When you walk into a makeup store you may see mascaras, lipglosses, eyeliners, eyeshadows and so much more all infused with CBD. 

Many companies are using CBD as a natural ingredient instead of beeswax.  

Besides makeup, CBD has also found its way into many peoples’ skincare routines and for good reason! CBD is great for people who have sensitive skin because it is all-natural so it won’t be harmful on your skin. 

Including CBD in your everyday skincare routine can also just help to make your skin appear bright and less dull looking. If you’re planning to introduce new products into your everyday routine, then make sure to do it slowly and only use one or two products at a time to see how your skin reacts. 

Testing out a new product on a patch of skin on your arm to see how it reacts is much smarter than going directly to your face.

5. Minimal Side Effects

When it comes to the side effects of taking CBD products there are barely any which is why many people have started relying on it for a number of reasons! 

Unfortunately, one side effect when it comes to taking CBD orally is that it can cause drowsiness. 

On the other hand, CBD products could also cause a change in appetite as well as diarrhea.

The good thing is that the positive side effects of taking CBD products greatly outweigh the negative side effects.

CBD Fun Facts for All

When it comes to using CBD products there are many different benefits that come with it for you and your pets. Our CBD fun facts can help guide you on some of the awesome reasons why you should try CBD but there are plenty more!

If you’re looking to try CBD products for you or your pet, then make sure to check out our products. We offer oils, edibles, creams, lotions, and salves so you can find the right CBD product for you!

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