Beginner’s Guide To CBD Vaping

CBD Vaping

CBD is everywhere you turn these days. However, many have still not tried it yet. One of the most popular ways to try it is by vaping CBD oil. It is easy to get started, and user friendly with minimal side effects. Over half of the CBD oil fans are using it for specific reasons, while the rest are using it socially.

CBD (Cannabidiol) oil has taken the vape world by storm. CBD comes from the Hemp plant. Choosing the right product will help the experience be more enjoyable. Vaping requires minimal equipment.

Buying a product off of the shelf gives you a wide range of strengths and strains. However, some aficionados choose to fill their own CBD oil vape cartridges. This is the A-Z of CBD vaping for beginners. Let’s find out how to get started with vaping.

Why People Choose CBD

Both the vaping culture and the world of CBD are taking over. So, it is natural that we would eventually combine the two worlds to create CBD oil vape.

CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of over 100 natural chemicals that come from the hemp plant. It is extracted from the hemp plant from a variety of different methods and will not get you high.

CBD products may contain a trace amount of THC, the main psychoactive Cannabis chemical. So, if you are looking for something without the slightest trace of THC, look for an Isolate or Broad Spectrum oil if the idea of having THC in your system doesn’t bother you, a Full Spectrum CBD oil.

Unlike regular vaping, CBD is not just a fad. It has been used for many centuries, even longer if you are talking about using hemp for rope and other tactile materials

Rules & Regulations

Have you found this new hobby, and want to have your vape pen in your hand 24/7? Keep in mind that many of the same laws that apply to smoking in public also apply to vaping.

So, while vaping may be handy enough to do anywhere, and anytime you like, the rules should always be followed.

Strains & Strengths

Because CBD comes from a plant, there are always new varieties coming out. Growers love to crossbreed Cannabis and Hemp plants. The growers experiment with plants to get higher CBD potency and different effects from the oils.

A strain of Cannabis or hemp is a name that helps us track the origin, properties, and strength of the plant. The strain names can get kind of crazy and creative.

In addition to strains, there are also strengths/types to decide on.

  • Full Spectrum – This type of CBD will contain trace amounts of THC and other chemicals of the hemp plant. Full Spectrum is the most popular and most effective CBD oil. Since it contains trace amounts of THC, Full Spectrum oil is only available for purchase in states where the sale of hemp is legal.
  • Broad Spectrum – The THC has been separated out of the CBD oil, after extraction from the plant. However, it will still contain all of the other Cannabinoids.
  • Isolate – An isolate is the purest of the CBD extractions, containing no traces of any other chemical from the cannabis plant.


One thing that keeps vape fans excited is the variety of flavors available. Flavor can come from the plant itself, or from flavors that are added in the production process. You can even mix your own flavors if you refill your own vape cartridges.

Flavors range from fresh and fruity to decadent baked goods like devil’s food cake. Though the flavor aspect of vaping can be fun, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to taste the naturally occurring flavor profiles of the hemp plant.

DIY CBD Vape Pens

Vaping can be a simple grab and go process, or it can be more of a mad scientist experiment if you make your own vape. Filling your own vape cartridge adds another element to love about vaping. It can be compared to cooking for yourself, versus picking up takeout for dinner.

For those that make their own, they can mix flavors and even strains to obtain different effects. It is a unique experience. Other benefits of DIY vape refill is that you can control what goes into your cartridge, and limit additives you do not want in your oil.

They say that the downfall of being a DIY vape mixologist is that it can be quite a messy job. Getting oils into a small opening is tricky, and requires coordination and a ton of patience. However, it saves you money if you do it yourself.


Not the DIY type? Consumers that would rather buy a premade product, the options are almost overwhelming. The shelves are stocked with different options. Where does one begin? How do you know which one to choose for your desired outcome?

A good place to start is to decide what you are taking CBD for. Different types of CBD are beneficial for specific issues. Choosing a generic vape off of the shelf is fine, but there may be a better type.

Grab and go, or click and go for those that order online, is an easy and convenient way to order your favorite CBD oils. And don’t worry, these companies often will ship in discreet packaging. Just in case you were nervous about your mail carrier catching a glimpse of your purchase.


Very rarely do you buy a CBD vape pen that you dispose of the entire thing when the product is empty? However, e-cigs are sold that way. Most of the CBD vapes out there need a rechargeable battery that doubles as a heating element.

Vape cartridges will connect to the battery base by screwing it in if it has a laced bottom. Or, simply dropped in, if it has a magnetic bottom.

Read the instructions for directions. Not all pens work the same way. Some only require you to hit the power button one time, while others need to be pressed five times to turn it on and to hold down the button while vaping.

Step By Step
  •     Charge battery
  •     Connect vape cartridge to the pen/battery base.
  •     Turn on the unit.
  •     Allow the heating element a second or two to warm up.
  •     Take a small drag. You want to inhale very slowly, especially if you are not used to vaping or smoking.
  •     Give it a chance to set in before taking another drag.
  •     Don’t forget to turn it off when you are finished.
  •     Store in an upright position to avoid oil leaking.


CBD continues to grow in popularity. However, there has been a bit of controversy surrounding vaping. One warning has been that vaping is not safer than smoking, contrary to popular belief.

Who shouldn’t vape CBD? Though CBD is generally safe, there are a few groups of people that should not vape CBD oil.

  •      Pregnant women & nursing mothers.
  •      Asthmatics or those with difficulty breathing.
  •      Minors.
  •      Those taking certain prescription medications.

Vape Bars

Vaping has become so popular that there are Vape Bars popping up across the nation. CBD Vape Bars are catching on, as well. There are hangout spots that businesses designate, especially for CBD vape enthusiasts.

So, once you get your vape set up, and are ready to mingle with other like-minded individuals, see if there is a CBD vape bar near you. Most of these establishments are outdoors. So, hopefully, the weather is nice.

In Conclusion

Vaping CBD oil can be an enjoyable experience. CBD oil vaping has also become an art form of releasing the vapor in cool designs! No matter what your reason is for your peaked interest in CBD oil vaping, hopefully, you are knowledgeable enough now to make an educated decision about it. To shop our selection of vape products Click Here.

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