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Hemp Hookahzz Rechargeable Vape Kit 500mg


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This is the perfect, convenient and easy way to enjoy your CBD every day. There are a variety of flavors and colors to choose from that match your personal style and taste. The atomizer in this kit is refillable with any Hemp Hookahzz CBD E-Liquid or the cartridge can be tossed and replaced with any 500mg Hemp Hookahzz CBD cartridges. Two flavors are available in 500mg CBD 1 ml cartridges.

Hemp Hookahzz CBD oil originates from Non-GMO hemp and are gluten free. No pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers are used. No propylene glycol is added. Hemp Hookahzz CBD E-Liquids are MCT Oil based. Manufacture in the USA, full spectrum CBD and alkaline PH balanced.

One Rechargeable 510 Vape Kit contains:

  • One battery
  • One USB charger
  • One 1ml prefilled e-liquid atomizer with CBD e-liquid.


  • Fresh Mintzz – Light and refreshing
  • Gold – Gold – Unflavored

Instructions for Use:

To use, simply attach the atomizer to the battery. Hold down the button, inhale and enjoy! We recommend vaping at the lowest temperature setting as CBD e-liquids can burn easily. If you wish, you may start out at a higher temperature and work your way down to avoid burning.

The battery comes pre-charged, there is no need for additional charging before use. This will put the battery’s functionality at risk. To charge the vape, twist the vape into the provided USB charger and plug the USB in. The USB charger will function in any powered USB port. As the vape runs low on power during use, the light on the tip will start to blink.

Battery Guide:

  • Press 5x times to turn off/on
  • Press 3x times to adjust the voltage
    • Green = 3.4V
    • Blue = 3.7V – Recommended
    • Red = 4.0V – Not Recommended for continued use
  • Press 2x to Preheat – Press 1x to Stop Preheat
    • Preheat ends automatically after 15 seconds
    • Preheating is recommended prior to first hit in a session
  • Hold Down Button to Take a Hit
  • Battery level flashes on USB when charger is unplugged
    • Green = Full
    • Yellow = Medium
    • Red = Low
  • Button will flash white when battery is low

If you would like to store your vape in its metal case, be sure to replace the rubber seal over the bottom of the cartridge to avoid leakage.

Once the cartridge has been completely used, it may be replaced with any flavor of Hemp Hookahzz cartridge, or you may refill it with any Hemp Hookahzz E-Liquid.

To refill, pull off the mouthpiece and take out the small rubber plug to open the cartridge. Put the tip of your E-Liquid bottle of choice directly into the cartridge and invert the bottle until the cartridge has fully refilled. Replace the rubber plug to seal the cartridge. Push the mouthpiece back on until it clicks. The cartridge is ready to use again!


CBD Gold Hemp Oil, MCT Oil, Natural and Artificial flavoring.

Not for sale or use by individuals under 21 years of age. Please see our terms of sale.

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Fresh Mintzz, Gold (Unflavored)