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Highland Pharms Crystals 999


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This concentrate from Highland Pharms represents superb value, and is one of the most efficient ways to take high doses of cannabidiol (CBD). Highland Pharms Crystals 999 are 99% pure CBD in crystal form. Concentrates are appealing to CBD users when slow-acting CBD products aren’t effective. With concentrates, you can get CBD-rich hemp oil in seconds, while taking much stronger doses then you could with any other CBD product.

Each 1gram jar contains 999mg of CBD.  You can use this either as it is, or add it to another product to increase the CBD percentage. Highland Pharms hemp is grown by a Boutique Hemp Farm in Colorado which is Pharmaceutical Grade Hemp. Highland Pharms is committed to bringing fresh, pure and clean CBD oil to the market. The CBD is extracted from GMO-FREE and pesticide free Hemp that has been organically grown.

How to use:

You can ingest just a tiny bit directly, add it to a beverage, add it to foods, add it to other CBD products, add it to vape oil, or dabbing.


CBD Isolate Crystals.