How does CBD oil make you feel?

If you haven’t tried CBD oil yet and are wondering in general how it’s going to make you feel, you are not alone in your inquiry. People are wondering for example if they will feel: high, clear minded, happy, relaxed, calm, etc. First things first, if you haven’t heard yet CBD oil isn’t psychoactive and you will not get high from it. Research has shown that CBD actually counteracts THC psychoactive properties.

Before I answer the question I first want to say that it will depend on the person, how much CBD oil you take and it will even depend on the brand of CBD oil you take. Every person’s body is different and will have different reactions to the hemp extract.

CBD oil doesn’t feel like anything, it’s more of how it doesn’t make you feel. You will feel more normal! That is because CBD oil works with your endocannabinoid system to balance your body to a more normal state.

Maybe you will feel like the black cloud is gone, possibly your obsessive thoughts have disappeared, the point in-between your joints no longer bugs you, you can now interact in social situations or the voice inside your head doesn’t wonder how things will go wrong. Some people can tell that it is harder for them to get upset or annoyed by petty things. Maybe you will feel like you can live again.

You might not even feel a difference or there is even the possibility that you will have adverse reaction even though it is rare. But for most people, they will not feel CBD oil at all but will feel the benefits of it. My favorite comment that I have heard is that CBD oil is the gift of life!

I hear stories of people that have started taking CBD oil that are able to reduce or have stopped taking prescription drugs for certain conditions. Please consult your doctor before reducing or stopping medications.

Consider the Side Effects:

To date, there is no evidence of any major public health related problems associated with the use of pure CBD. While the majority of CBD oil users don’t experience any negative effects. However, some people have experienced minor side effects related to CBD oil. Side effects include: headache, dry mouth, low blood pressure, drowsiness or wakefulness, inhibition of hepatic drug metabolism, sleeping problems, increased liver enzymes, and changes in appetite.

There have been a handful of reports of digestive issues such as upset stomach or diarrhea. These problems are not from CBD it’s self but from intolerances to the carrier oil or other additives used. The best carrier oil (also referred to as base oil) for CBD is hemp seed oil because you will get more of the benefits from the hemp plant, has an increased bioavailability, rich in antioxidants, abundant omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Reading this will help you prepare yourself for taking CBD. With people experiencing little to no side effects, giving CBD oil a try for yourself is the only way to know how it truly feels. Click here to discover our CBD products.

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