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There are a variety of CBD products on the market today including tinctures, capsules, edibles, topicals, concentrates and pet care. When these products are made there are even different extraction methods (carbon dioxide, steam distillation solvent extraction). There are also a variety of flavor options, strengths and hemp extracts including full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate. But did you know there is another option with water soluble CBD?

What is Water Soluble CBD?

Water soluble CBD is a substance that will dissolve in water and is produced commercially through a complex process. When creating water soluble CBD it takes nanoparticles which are CBD molecules broken down into very tiny sized particles.

The nanotechnology that is used also emulsifies the CBD. The Nano-emulsified particles are now more compatible with water despite the hydrophobic (doesn’t mix easily with water) nature of CBD molecules.

Studies have shown that water-soluble CBD can be absorbed faster and easier in your bloodstream than regular CBD oil. This is because the tiny nanoparticles are able to pass through cell membranes and into the bloodstream much more quickly than larger CBD particles. The particles are less than 100 nanometers in diameter. Smaller particles means better solubility and absorption.

Making products into water soluble has been common practice in pharmaceutical medicine for years. This technology is beneficial in the CBD industry as well since your body is composed of over 60% water.

Traditional CBD vs Water Soluble CBD

In the past, regular oil based CBD provided the most effective dosage of CBD. Regular CBD oils can be hard on our bodies to use and require larger quantities to see benefits. That’s because cannabinoids like CBD are lipids meaning that they are fatty oils in their natural state. As a consumable product they are fat-soluble, meaning they dissolve in oil.

When cannabinoids are consumed there’s an extra filtering step before the nutrients pass into your bloodstream. This takes your liver, kidneys or stomach contents to break down the cannabinoids and process throughout your body. This is called the first-pass effect.

Because of those filters, you get a lower percentage of the molecules into your bloodstream when you consume regular CBD products. Ultimately there is less that is distributed throughout your endocannabinoid system. Why would anyone want that?! The endocannabinoid system is where all the magic happens.

However, with water soluble substances like vitamins and fiber there is a different process that doesn’t involve the extra filtering process. With water soluble CBD the particles bypass that extra filtering step and pass directly into your bloodstream. That means more of the nutrient is available for use by your body.

Thanks to advances in nanotechnology, water soluble CBD is a game-changer! The primary function is to ease absorption into the human body and also is capable of mixing CBD into other liquid form products.

Benefits of Water soluble CBD

You will get the same benefits from CBD itself and a few additional benefits.

Enhanced Bioavailability

Since water and oil don’t mix, water soluble CBD is a great alternative because water soluble CBD increases the bioavailability, meaning you will get more CBD per drop compared to regular oil based CBD.

Bioavailability refers to how quickly the human body can absorb a drug or metabolite and the percentage of actual product that enters into your bloodstream. Typically water soluble CBD has five to ten times more bioavailability than regular CBD.

Saves Money

Since water soluble CBD has increased bioavailability a person is getting more value from their CBD product when more CBD is absorbed in the body. Less product is wasted and it takes less CBD to achieve your desired results. Which ultimately saves you money!

Quicker Onset

The CBD will also spread throughout your body much faster. As a result, you can process water soluble items quickly. This in turn gives you a faster acting product.

When natural oil based CBD is made into water soluble CBD it eliminates the need for your body to transform it. The CBD molecules simply flow into your system and begin to do their job of returning your body to homeostasis.

Unlimited Beverage Possibilities

CBD can now be added to beverages! A CBD smoothie or CBD juice for breakfast? Yes please! Traditional CBD oil tinctures don’t blend well into drinks because the oil is less dense than water and separates easily.

But water soluble CBD can be easily mixed into any drink you can imagine. This opens up a world of possibilities in the area of CBD infused drinks.

Increased Stability

Regular CBD oil has high lipophilicity and low stability due to degradation via the effects of temperature, light and auto-oxidation. However, water soluble CBD greatly benefits from nanotechnology and doesn’t suffer the same degradation.

How to Take the Water Soluble CBD

You can have your CBD in the following ways:

  • Under your tongue.
  • In a drink.
  • By mouth.

Under the Tongue

The most popular way is to take your tincture dropper and squirt a few drops under your tongue. When CBD is taken sublingually, it is absorbed through the capillaries under the tongue’s mucous membrane and the cheeks into the bloodstream. This skips the digestive process and allows the CBD to be spread throughout the body fast.

Place a few drops of CBD underneath your tongue for just a minute will have the compound in your bloodstream in seconds.

In a Drink

You can choose to have the water soluble CBD in your favorite beverage or water. Add a few droplets in your soft drink, coffee or smoothie, and you are good to go.

By Mouth

Additionally, you can consume tinctures or edibles on its own by eating/swallowing. This method allows you to enjoy the different variety of flavors available and entice your taste buds.

How Water Soluble CBD Is Made

Manufacturers of CBD use nanotechnology to create CBD that can be absorbed into the water. This advanced technology breaks down CBD into tiny particles called nanoparticles. The technology uses sound waves to accomplish this.

The nanoparticles are smaller than 100 nanometers in size. One nanometer is one-millionth of a millimeter, which makes CBD particles small enough to blend with the particles in water.

In Conclusion

CBD oil does not necessarily need to be water soluble to take effect. However, the high bioavailability of water soluble products may further maximize the effects of CBD.

Regular CBD products you consume pass through you with little absorbed, which wastes both the product and your money! The solution is water soluble CBD because you get more CBD with every dose and have the ability to add to your drinks.

Want to try your hand at mixing some CBD drinks yourself? Here are our favorite water soluble CBD products on the market right now.

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